Balqon products exclusively use Yttriun Iron Phosphate batteries, one of the safest lithium battery in the industry. The addition of Yttrium improves battery cycle life and performance in high temperature applications. Our product offerings include a wide range of lithium battery cells ranging from 40 amp hour to 1000 amp hour for energy storage and electric vehicle applications.
In 2007, Balqon Corporation was the first company to introduce lithium battery powered Class 8 electric truck for short haul drayage applications. We design and manufacture a range of proprietary drive train components, inverters, battery management system and fast chargers. Our EV product offerings include heavy duty tractors, trucks, buses and industrial equipment designed for use in both on-road and off-road applications.
Balqon lithium battery Energy Storage System (ESS) for grid and off-grid applications are designed to provide safe and reliable harnessing of solar or other renewable energy sources. Our ESS systems available in voltages up to 700 volts DC are designed for residential and commercial storage applications are equipped with proprietary battery management system and safety controls.
Balqon is a manufacturer and developer of electric drive components, which includes liquid cooled EV inverters, battery packs and charging systems. We provide EV drive systems for delivery trucks, shuttle buses, Class 8 trucks and tractors. Our modular EV drivetrains are custom designed to fit most major OEM chassis. We also provide custom design services for OEM's to integrate our EV drivetrain and battery systems into their product offerings.

Lithium battery storage system designed with a purpose to lower energy cost

At Balqon, we have effectively employed our decade of experience and know how in lithium battery design for electric vehicles to develop an efficient renewable energy storage system for residential and commercial applications. Our experience in innovative battery management systems, chargers, inverters and power electronics has led us to development of complete range of residential storage products that seamlessly integrate with leading charge controllers and inverters in solar industry.